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The MROGANUSA (Xinyang) Company Limited, authorized by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, is a legal entity enterprise founded in Xinyang City, China in June, 2017. It is invested by the USA D.T.MORGAN ELEVATOR LIMITED and has become the global producing base and marketing center in China Zone trading in the MORGANUSA series.


Rich products meet all kinds of different requirements, can also be customized to adapt to your specific requirements of the building and Application

Passenger elevator

MORGANUSA passenger elevator series, adopt new generation of permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine and computer control technology in technology.

Sightseeing elevator

MORGANUSA sightseeing elevator into the environment, bring you is not only a smooth and comfortable ride experience, or a pleasing landscape, is a city of scenery.

Freight elevator

MORGANUSA elevator uses the microcomputer control technology, uses the high strength profile design and manufacture of the car, can be carried out in a variety of harsh environment transportation of goods.

High speed elevator

MORGANUSA high speed elevator is designed for the advanced business field, the intelligent, efficient and energy-saving safety as the core of technological upgrading, fully meet the high efficiency business building operation requirements.

Hospital elevator

MORGANUSA hospital elevator focuses on humanized design, to the maximum extent to meet the various special needs of the hospital, to help medical personnel efficient and quick to complete the sacred mission.

Other ladder types

MORGANUSA elevator adopts advanced design concept, flexible and competent for the transportation mission of each place, more abundant elevator category to adapt to your different place demand.


We integrate the global advanced technology into elevator safety, just to make you enjoy life better

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